Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame (OVCMHF) Induction Ceremony

Sunday September 30th, 2018 was a big day for Doug. It was the day of his Induction in to the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame, held at Centrepointe Theatre in Ottawa.

It was a sold out show that night that featured many talented musicians. Along with Doug, there were three other very talented and long standing music icons of country music in the Ottawa Valley inducted; Harry Adrain, Tom. T Hill and Bob Taillefer.

Doug's 2nd song....a tribute to the late Terry Carisse

Doug performed a 2nd song that night and it was a tribute to one of Doug's longtime friend & inspiration, the great late Terry Carisse.

As Doug mentions, Terry Carisse (and Tracks) was a past Country Male Vocalist of the year and also a member of the OVCMHF, so what better way to honor him than to sing one of Terry's biggest hits... "Windship".

The Doug and Pam Champagne Band


Official OVCMHF Induction Photo of Doug Chamapagne

Mark Papousek presents Doug to stage to sing Pam' Song

Following Doug's acceptance speech, Mark Papousek comes to the podium and tells a story of how much his (Mark's) mother loved to hear Doug & Pam sing. Following that, Mark presents Doug and invites him to come and sing on stage.

Doug then performed "Pam's Song"... a song he wrote for his wife Pam :)

Live music for all occasions from old & new country to 50's & 60's Rock n' Roll

Plaque Presentation & Acceptance Speech by Doug

When it came time to honor Doug with his induction, a woman dear to his heart got up and introduced Doug. She was none other than the late Terry Carisse's wife Aija.

Terry was an inspiration to Doug and his career in music, as you will hear Aija explain in a small anecdotal remark during her speech.

The following video is her remarks as she introduces Doug, followed by Doug's acceptance of the official photo, plaque and induction.

Official OVCMHF Plaque Presentation

The photo above is the official photo sanctioned by the OVCMHF. It was presented to Doug during his induction ceremony. To the right is a photo of the plaque presented to Doug upon his induction.